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China Railway Baoji Bridge (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd


China Railway Baoji Bridge (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd, a large permanent production base for steel structures, is invested and constructed by China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd at Yangzhou, the "Door of North Jiangsu" at lower reaches of Yangtze River, after the setups at Shantou, Anqing and Zhoushan. The company is located in Guangling District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, about 30 kilometers from downtown. It nears Yangtze River, the golden waterway, enjoying very convenient traffic and linking rivers and ocean. With an area of 450,000 square meters, and the investment of over 600 million RMB, the company owns the workshops of 34,000 square meters for riveting and welding, 6,900 square meters for coating and 8,500 square meters for machining, and the 3,000 tons heavy load dock along the bank of Yangtze River.

The company mainly manufactures steel bridges and steel structures as well as mechanical products including large lifting equipment, mag-lev functional unit, and high speed railway roadbed template. The company possesses more than 400 sets of large and medium equipment, including 1 heavy plate roller, 8 NC cutting machines, plasma NC cutting machines and portal cutting machines, 2 large NC drilling machines imported from Japan, 1 small NC drilling machine, 4 large flat cars for girder transport, 2 large floor type boring and milling machines of 6 x 30 m and 5.3 x 10 m respectively, 2 high precision laser tracking measurement devices (API), and other equipment for welding, drilling, edge machining, detection, measurement and lifting, which provide the company with an annual productivity of 100,000 tons of steel bridges and structures, 10 sets of lifting equipment of over 100 tons, and mechanical products with an income exceeding 100 million RMB annually.

From the commissioning in May 2007, the company has completed the fabrication of Zhoushan Jintang Bridge, Ningbo Wantou Bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing ramp bridge over Huaihe Road, Xuzhou Liushan Bridge, steel cofferdam and Qilin ramp bridge for Nanjing 4th Yangtze River Bridge, Yangzhou Dashuiwan Bridge over ancient canal, movable wind barrier for Zhoushan Xihoumen Bridge, and railings of Jintang Bridge approach.

Always adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Eternal Pioneering and Infinite Innovation" and the development policy of "People oriented, scientific management, encouraging innovation, and pursuing excellence", the company will head for the enterprise with technical management and strive for making the company the world top-ranking steel structure enterprise. For the national economic construction and the development of steel bridges and steel structures cause, the company is ready to cooperate with friends from all circles to create a more splendid future together.

Address:80 Qingjiang Road, Baoji, Shaanxi 721006, China E-mail:
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