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China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd


The predecessor of China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd is Baoji Engineering Machinery Plant under the Ministry of Railways founded in 1955. During the long-term development, the company actively absorbed and adopted advanced concept, organization, means and methods of management, brave in innovation, pioneer and enterprising, established the complete and systematic technical management standard, work standard and management standard according to the criterion of completeness, newness and highness, and became the technnical development-oriented enterprise integrated with scientific research, development, design, manufacture and sales. In September 2009, the company successfully passed the authentication of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

To further adapt to the demand of railway construction development and according to the requirement of the HR [2009] No.3 Document "Notice re China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd Regrouped and Integrated into China Railway Baoji Bridge Incorporation" issued by China Railway Group Limited, China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd was integrated into China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd on January 1, 2009, thus it became a subsidiary company of CRBBG.

After the reform and under the strong support of CRBBG, the renewal of workshops and equipment is quickened. The company now owns 2000 sets of various manufacturing facilities, in which including 45 large, precise and key equipment, which provide the company with a complete production system, including metal cutting, forging, heat treatment, punching and shearing, and welding. The six main series products and the machined supporting products are formed rapidly, including turnout parts series, track flat car series, metro and tunnel construction machinery series, large steel structure component, machines and tools series, and platform trailer series. Among them, the self-developed and designed antifriction rollers for GLC turnout and PDL turnout have been put into mass production, which changed the situation that domestic enterprises are entirely dependent on import and saved a large amount of foreign exchanges for the customers.

The research, development and production of turnout baseplate, antifriction roller, AT rail, special profile rail, large steel structure component, slag carrier, tunnel cement mixer, mortar carrier, duct transport cart, low-pollution tunnel tractor, accumulator towing vehicle, rail retraction car, gantry crane, man-riding hauler, electric flat car, metro electrified operation car, metro cabling car, tunnel railcar, inverted arch car, tunnel mud car, car dumper, hydraulic rerailer, container hanger, fire retardant glass steel products, and lifting rigging, have established the solid foundation for the sustaining development of the enterprise.

With the power from deep friendship and close cooperation with numerous customers, China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd will make brave strides and pursue super excellence, and serve the customers with all its heart.

Address: 118 Baofu Road, Baoji, Shaanxi 721003, China
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Address:80 Qingjiang Road, Baoji, Shaanxi 721006, China E-mail:
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